Video Series

I Love Rural Health

FHIR: Gothenburg Health

Data is power. Literally. This is the story of how Gothenburg Health has embraced the FHIR standard, and, in doing so, transformed patient outcomes. See how a data-forward approach has redefined medical care in the rural community of Gothenburg, Nebraska.

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FHIR: Syracuse Area Health

Syracuse Area Health in southeast Nebraska is on a mission to fold data integration into their organizational principles. In doing so, they are part of a broader movement to revolutionize health care delivery in rural America. See how strategic use of the FHIR Standard makes a difference for rural communities like Syracuse.

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Rural Veteran Care: Grand Island VA

Grand Island VA Medical Center prioritizes rural veterans’ care, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. Discover how the providers there are dedicated to improving access and post-combat support, setting a national standard for rural health services.

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Reviewing the Facts on Vaccines

When it comes to safeguarding you and your loved ones, you deserve the ultimate shield. And here’s the truth: vaccines are the answer. But you deserve to be confident in what goes in your body — So let’s review the facts.

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Senior & Long-Term Care: York General

York General Hospital has made it a central part of their mission to care for senior patients. We visited two of their long-term care and assisted living facilities to learn about the impact they’ve had on Nebraska’s rural health landscape.

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