Reviewing the Facts on Vaccines

In Nebraska, the strength of each community makes all the difference. So when it comes to safeguarding you and your loved ones, you deserve the ultimate shield. And here’s the truth: vaccines are the answer.


But you deserve to be confident in what goes in your body. So let’s review the facts.


Vaccines have never been more accessible or secure. Before they’re approved, they’re widely tested for short and long-term safety, proving their might. Effectiveness and safety, going hand in hand. And vaccines aren’t new! They’ve stood strong over the years, vanquishing diseases like polio and measles. Yet as we waver, these viral foes can return, threatening the very fabric of our communities. Moving forward requires us to know the truth about vaccines. So if your confidence falters, lean on the wisdom of local healthcare providers. Their truth is the antidote to misinformation.


Because in the end, vaccinations only build healthy communities through collective effort. We all must come together to shield ourselves — and each other.

So choose the might of knowledge. Choose to make Nebraska strong!