I Love Rural Health

Nearly 700,000 Nebraskans call a rural community home — and it’s no wonder why. From the fertile Missouri river valley to the rolling sandhills to the Panhandle and back again, the Cornhusker state is rich in resources, community and human talent.

I Love Rural Health was produced to amplify the voices of those Nebraskans through advocacy. We are empowering rural communities through conversations about high-quality, accessible local health care. 

Because strong rural health is a strong rural Nebraska.

The Goal

Awareness, engagement, education

Strong rural health = strong rural Nebraska

I Love Rural Health was established to celebrate stories of strength and success across Nebraska rural health care — even (and especially) in the face of evolving modern challenges.

The I Love Rural Health campaign is powered by the Nebraska Rural Health Association, because we envision a vibrant rural present and future for hundreds of Nebraska rural communities.

High-quality physical and mental health care is the indispensable thread that unites healthy humans with a prosperous place to live — fortifying the fabric of rural Nebraska.

The Importance of Rural

More than 75% of Nebraska’s 71 rural hospitals run on medicare or medicaid dollars. Access to services such as emergency care and mental health is extremely limited for most of the state. As hospitals and nursing homes continue to close, it is the perfect time to shed light on these mounting issues and empower communities to take action.


Stories from across the state

Megan’s Story

Megan Frickel of North Platte discusses the shortage of pelvic health care in parts of the state, which motivates her work as a doctor of physical therapy.

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It takes every village.

I Love Rural Health is more than a campaign about medical care in Nebraska. It’s a celebration of hope, growth and innovative solutions to continuously evolving problems. At its core, I Love Rural Health is a movement to strengthen rural Nebraska communities.

Most importantly, I Love Rural Health is a conversation with room for every Nebraskan — from legislators in Lincoln to nurses in Valley County to ranchers in Valentine to entrepreneurs in Red Cloud.

So why not join in?

Share how a Nebraska rural health care provider has impacted your life OR the life of someone you love.