Logan’s Story

Logan’s Story

Stretching the Boundaries of Rural PT

Logan Payne wakes up every morning in her home just outside of Axtell, Nebraska, and never dreads going to work. As a physical therapist with Family Physical Therapy and Sports Center in Minden, she just enjoys helping people feel better.

“It takes hard work and a little tough love, but I like being that person who pushes patients to that next level of independence,” Logan said. “Whether it’s a baby crawling for the first time or someone being able to kneel again post-surgery, what keeps me going is watching patients succeed.”

Originally from Kearney, Logan started her undergraduate career at the University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK) before transferring and finishing her last year at Rockhurst with an exercise science degree. She then attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha for physical therapy education. 

“I’m excited about the expansion of UNMC health science education programs at the UNK campus,” she said. “The Kearney campus now has physical therapy education that began in my last year of education, and I just wish it had happened a little sooner. It would have been nice to be closer to home!”

Family Physical Therapy and Sports Center is a growing company with more than 90 employees and locations all over Nebraska — including rural Franklin, Lexington, Elwood, Wood River and many more. 

Logan provides therapy services to anywhere between 12 and 15 outpatients at a time. Through the center, she also contracts with Minden Public Schools as a school physical therapist and Bethany Home providing physical therapy for skilled nursing care.

Her patients laud her professionalism, demeanor and the positive outcomes she helps them achieve. 

“Logan often has to multitask, working with two to three patients simultaneously and providing personal contact and attention to each individual,” one patient said. “She is very caring, humble, and friendly. Patients are put at ease in her presence. Perhaps there are dozens, hundreds even, of other therapists that fit this description, but she is my PT and I am truly grateful.”

Logan has been a therapist for seven years. Her husband, Craig, is a chiropractor in south-central Nebraska, and together they have two children: 4-year-old Tenley and 2-year-old Holden. 

“I love rural health because of the community,” Logan said. “I think it’s great that patients don’t have to travel far for physical therapy. We’re right here in their hometown. With physical therapy, we see patients anywhere from one to three times per week. Taking that travel time out for patients is huge, and being able to support the Minden community in that way is so important.”

Logan Payne
Physical Therapist
Family Physical Therapy and Sports Center
Minden, Nebraska