Mission + Goals

Mission and Purpose

Strong rural health = strong rural nebraska

I Love Rural Health was established to celebrate stories of strength and success across Nebraska rural health care — even (and especially) in the face of evolving modern challenges.

The I Love Rural Health campaign is powered by the Nebraska Rural Health Association, because we envision a vibrant rural present and future for hundreds of Nebraska rural communities.

High-quality physical and mental health care is the indispensable thread that unites healthy humans with a prosperous place to live — fortifying the fabric of rural Nebraska.

Our Goals

Awareness • Engagement • Education

  1. Raise Awareness and Understanding of the Challenges Facing Rural Health in Nebraska – The challenges of providing healthcare in rural Nebraska are becoming increasingly more difficult. Recent changes in the rural health care system has magnified some of the traditional challenges and created new ones. Many hospitals in rural Nebraska are struggling with low or rapidly declining operating margins. The campaign must contextualize programs and issues that affect rural health. Highlighting issues such as closing hospitals and nursing homes to mental health to emergency medical services will help the public understand the complexities and successes of providing care in rural Nebraska and provide a call to action.

  2. Highlight the high quality and innovative care being provided every day in rural Nebraska. We want to build a library of personal stories to raise awareness about the successful outcomes happening every day in rural health all across Nebraska, Through our website, the stores that are playing out across the state will provide a platform for dialogue and opportunity to support rural health in Nebraska. We hope to tell these stories through a variety of different mediums including, short videos, active engagement with TV and radio stations, by growing a social media following.

  3. Engage Communities and Healthcare Providers at the Local Level to take action. We have built a toolkit for local communities that makes it very easy to participate in the campaign. This provides the opportunity to help engage their friends and neighbors to start conversations to understand what is happening in our local communities, build pride Nebraska has in its rural health and to talk about the critical importance of maintain high quality healthcare in rural Nebraskans into the future. The local grassroots following developed through providers in the local community members will carry the rallying cry of “I Love Nebraska Rural Health,” connecting the statewide message to what is happening in their local community.