HQIP Story

HQIP Story

Solving Common Problems Before They Become Lung Cancer

Health Quality Improvement
Platform Story

Health Quality Improvement Platform (HQIP) is a public charity dedicated to solving common problems that result in poor health outcomes. 

We think differently about health care data and patient experiences. For example, we found that as of 2021, 90% of patients at high risk for lung cancer were not screened. Lung cancer remains the No. 1 cause of cancer death, despite screening recommendations. Smoking is recognized as a cause of lung cancer, but there are other environmental exposures that can lead to lung cancer. Specifically, exposure to radon is a known risk-factor for lung cancer. 

Urban and rural health disparities exist in terms of access to screening facilities. In midwestern states, some regions have only 22% of eligible adults with access to screening within 30 miles, while in the northeast part of the country this number is closer to 90%. Recognizing this disparity is one of the reasons our learning network started with critical access hospitals. 

The best part of working with community hospitals is the engagement and passion to improve their community’s health. Often these organizations are the only facilities in the county, and are therefore more meaningfully accountable for the community’s health needs. 

Through their deep understanding of local issues, we learned that eastern Nebraska has high radon levels, which may be contributing to a lung cancer rate higher than expected for the smoking prevalence. We are partnering with Community Medical Center in Falls City, Nebraska, to help increase lung cancer screening, with the goal of early detection and ultimately saving lives. 

We are dedicated to this work because we love rural health! 

We are dedicated to this work because we love rural health!

Debra Dougher
Program and Outreach Director

Jasmine Joiner, MPH
DrPh Candidate, Public Health Lead Intern

Neville Irani, MD
Radiologist, Founder